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maria rita stumpf

Maria Rita Stumpf was born in the mountains of the Southern state of Brazil and started to write at the age of 14. She was soon after engaged to sing in festivals, contests and in her own shows. In 1985 she moved to Rio de Janeiro where she developed her career and released LP Brasileira in 1988. Master pianist Luiz Eça, group Uaktí and Ricardo Bordini were on board. In 1993 she released the CD Mapa das Nuvens (Map of the Clouds). Soon after she decided to entirely dedicate herself to her cultural and arts Agency Antares leaving the stage and recordings.

Maria Rita´s music was captured by the DJ´s and vinyl collectors radar around 2015. She had Cântico Brasileiro nº 3 (Kamaiurá) included in the compilation Outro Tempo organized by DJ and researcher John Gomez for the Dutch label Music From Memory released in February of 2017. The DJs of Festa Selvagem started the label Selva Discos that same year to release the original LP Brasileira remastered in July. In October the EP Remixes – Maria Rita Stumpf released worldwide included a new recording of Cântico Brasileiro 3 (Kamaiurá) with Paulo Santos and the DJs, and Lamento Africano (African Lament) /Rictus remixed by French DJ Joakim.

Maria Rita resumed her onstage presence at Red Bull Music Academy Festival in São Paulo, the final evening of Kino Beat Festival and in the Brazilian leg of Dutch festival Dekmantel.

Everyone. Origin. The two words – sounding as seeds of the meaning of human life – are repeatedly sung, echoed, mirrored during the last moments of the song “Inkiri Om”, the opening track of the album. Both truthfully represent what one listens in Maria Rita’s songs alongside others by iconic Brazilian songwriters. The music points to the direction of awareness, communion and human roots. For her the destiny of the mankind is intertwined from the beginning – something obvious we are reminded by the current pandemic of 2020.

She makes clear universal communion and its links with peoples roots are the base for a better world, challenging the politically correct. Born in the South of the country from German and Italian descent, both strong cultures, she unabashedly delved into indigenous, African, Latin, Indian, Arabic, Asian and European traditions to build “Inkiri Om”.

“The essence of mankind is one, be it in the Xingu River in the middle of the Amazon forest or in Manhattan”, she says. “And this essence comes from the origin. When we disrespect it, we are heading to the end of mankind. That is why the album cover, developed by designer Juliano de Oliveira Moraes, brings the oroboro (mythical image present in many cultures and in my own life). The cover uses a portrait of the artist painted by Julio Saraiva and incorporates the work of visual artist Miguel Gontijo, especially created for this project.

Leonardo Lichote, music critic

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